A Safe Haven

By default, humans are programmed to assume something is safe if it fulfills all or one of the following conditions (of course not limited to):

  • it is widely accepted by mass audience
  • product has been in the market for a long time
  • it is a hassle to change

Would you agree? If you do find yourself in the above situation(s), it is seriously time to pause and rethink.

Our home – besides being a place of comfort, should also be a safe haven for its occupants. A large part of our day is spent at home, if not at work or out for social purposes. We perform routine or habitual tasks in this comfort zone of ours, and of course one such event would involve bath time. Albeit it may be an event that some may perceive as insignificant and tend to overlook, it does not come as a surprise that during which, we may become oblivious of our surrounding since it is part of our everyday.

Picture this: Each day, we look forward to heading home for a shower (whether it is a quick one, or a long and pampering session) after spending an entire day out in the sweltering heat of our humid Singapore weather, before crashing into our beds which marks the end of another tiring and stressful working day.

What may sound like a typical day to you, had in fact turned into someone else’s worse nightmare. You may note that there has been a rise in cases of tempered glass shower screens shattering and causing hurt to homeowners (even their young children – OMG). It was all an unexpected turn of events and no one would have foreseen it coming their way. Who would have known, a product like tempered glass that is so widely used and presumably safe, can turn a person’s daily routine into an unfortunate event? Were they unlucky? Definitely. However, moving forward, are we able to prevent this? Now that you are aware of precedents, the answer is yes.

Avoid similar situation from happening to you by simply going with a safer alternative. Start making the change today, note that your and your loved ones’ safety is of utmost importance. Whether you have been living in your home for a good number of years or happen to be a new homeowner looking for good renovation ideas, it is essential that safety is constantly at the back of your mind and a cause for concern. With no need to compromise your design ideas, our Extendable Shower Curtain Rod may just be the solution for you!

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