Ecommerce – Online Business Partnerships


Eclipse Online Solutions now offer Online Business Partnerships

Eclipse Online Solutions have set up a team to specialise in the managing and set up of our Online Business Partnerships.

We are partnering with suppliers of quality products and services. The aim is to help bring their business in front of the massive online audience that you find through having a Professional Online Business – Ecommerce.

If you have products or services that you feel could do well online, but you do not have the time to promote them, then simply Contact Us for an informal chat. Stop missing out on the millions of people searching the internet every single day.

Please note: Even if you already have an Online Business promoting your products and services through the Internet, we can still set up another one. We will simply set it up in a way that it will not be in direct competition with your existing online business. We will target other keyword phrases in order to make sure your products are found by a wider audience. This way you will soon start to pick up business from avenues that you are currently missing out on and leaving for your competitors.

For full details of our Online Business Partnership deals read on….

Our Online Business Partnerships work on a commission only basis, meaning you pay nothing if we sell nothing. Additionally we will always be generating new business from avenues that your existing business is currently missing out on, so you really can not loose…………….

How the Online Business Partnership works

There is not a one size fits all for our Online Business Partnerships and we are always flexible in order to accommodate Businesses with products or services thatt we feel would be successful Online. The following are guidelines that we do like to stick to.

Suitable Business for our Online Business Partnership:

Every single business can and will benefit from having a quality online presence, whether you are actually selling products, generating leads or simply wanting to start promoting your business to a wider audience. A quality Online Business is one that was correctly structured at the initial set up, knows & sticks to its original aim and is having quality time spent on it – otherwise you will be simply wasting your time and money.

We are looking to work with reputable businesses and suppliers that are:
•   Already surviving on the sales of their products and services.
•   Must have the means and facilities to supply a minimum of £5000 of their commodity per month
•   Ready to tap into the massive Online Shopping Boom
•   Able to receive simple enquiries & purchase details to their email.
•   Able to manage the packaging of their goods ready for shipping.
•   Able to manage the follow up of new online leads

The work we carry out in relation to our Online Business Partnerships

We try to make this a real, “hands off “partnership for you as far as the actual running of the online business is concerned, having said that if you wish to have imput then you are welcome, we;
•   Design the Online Business
•   Build the Online Business
•   Host* the Online Business
•   Optimise the Online Business
•   Take care of all ongoing management of the Online Business.

The Online Business Partnership deal

As already stated, we take care of all the initial Set-Up and Build of your new Online Business. We then take care of the ongoing Hosting* and the Monthly Management. We will basically manage the whole online business process, from building the website, entering your products, building your email campaigns, filtering enquiries, taking & directing payments, right through to emailing you your orders & enquiries.

The Costs related to our Online Business Partnerships

There are no Design, Build or Set-Up fees*
There are no ongoing monthly Fees*

We work on a commission only basis, so if your online business does not generate you any income then you do not have to pay us a penny. So you really can not loose!

How the commissions are calculated on the Online Business Partnerships

The Commissions
Commissions are negotiable and the percentage amount will be dependant on the following factors:
•   your product type
•   product price
•   product profit margin
•   your company age & structure
•   whether it is based on turn over or profit margin
•   our risk assessment of your business

Eclipse Online Solutions believe in fair play and we start our Online Business Partnership commissions on a 50 – 50 basis. This ratio is calculated from the profit of your commodity, not its selling price. We understand everyone in business wants to be successful, so we are always open to discussion on our commissions and once they are agreed they are not set in stone. In short we want your Online Business to be as successful as possible, with us all earning revenue. This in turn will also mean the more time we are able to spend on your Online Business and ultimately the more succesful it will be. This ethos provides a win win enviroment for all

The Online Business Platform that we use for our Online Business Partnerships

The professional and reliable Design & Host software that we use and recommend for all our Online Businesses has all of the following;

Simply click on any of the links to find out more.

Ecommerce Software
Eclipse Online Solutions all-in-one Online Business Platform
•   Professional Ecommerce Shop
•   Professional Email Marketing

Shipping options
•   Suppliers own delivery (price to be agreed)
•   Then any other shipping option you care to use
•   British Mail
•   Interlink (£6.50 per 15 kilo then increments of ???)
•   Rich

Online Payments
Your new Online Business can process all your online payments using
•   Sage Pay
•   PayPal Pro
•   PayPal Standard

*Possible Fees related to our Online Business Partnerships

Design, Build & Set-Up fee; strictly speaking we do not charge a fee related to this part of our service when related to our Online Business Partnerships. If we feel that your business products or services are a high risk venture then we will normally not agree to partner, however if we feel it is a high risk venture with a chance, then we may stilll partner but in order to insure our losses will ask you for a Set-Up fee.
The Set-Up fee is related to the time we spend working on the initial set up of the Online Business and will depend on the size of Online Business needed. The fees in this case typically range from between £500 – £2000
This set up fee is fully refundable once your online business become successful.

Monthly Hosting fee; the software we use with our online business is the most advanced on the market today and as with any new software it comes at a premium but it is what we consider to be excellent value for money overall. Initially you will be expected to pay this fee but only until the online Business Partnership becomes successful. Once successful the revenue generated through the Online Business will cover this cost.
Please note any new website or Ecommerce business will take between 6 – 12 months before the search engines will really start to place you in high positions. Once there though you will almost have a licence to print money, provided that is your products are quality and priced right. With this in mind we ask you to expect to pay the first 6 – 12 months of this monthly fee.

Outsourcing Work;
 We try to do all of the work related to our Online Businesses Partnerships in house. This way we can manage the time schedule, fully guarantee the work and absorb the cost. If you or your Online Business requires bespoke work outside our remit then you will be expected to pay this cost. This cost has never been needed to date.
Additionally if your Online Business requires work that is withion our remit but you request it in a quicker timeframe that is subsequently outside our time scedul, then this work can also be outsourced but you will be expected to bare the cost. This cost has been applied on only one occasion and it was related to Website SEO, against our recommendations.